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WE have blocked any website that has:
App Facebook page
YOU ARE Welcome to love and share
The app is currently only for phone owners with ANDROID operating system
Costs and specification:
$ 1 subscription to Orthodox or Reform Jews (prevents access to sites that are not allowed by the rabbis, such as sex sites and thus obviates the need for a kosher phone).
As of today, conditions have not yet been set by rabbis, we continue to deal with rabbis, but for now,
We block access to sex sites, violence, terrorism and even encyclopedias that have such values.
Thank you for suggestions for more blocks.
This is until rabbis are determined.
Supervision cannot be bypassed by connecting to the WI.FI network outside the home.
$ 3 subscription for parents for their children (solves the big problem in the world of children playing online games so that they do not play with their friends in the real world, do not eat, are not involved in family life).

Parents determine how many surfing hours the kids can surf and how many surfing games in general.

We also block access to sex sites, violence, terrorism and even encyclopedias that have such values

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